About Me

Who am I?

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a very young child.  Each summer I turned our family vacation exploits into an ‘adventure book’ by tying our experiences together into our own personal narrative.  My parents still have the old spiral notebook ‘novels’ I made.

This is not just a way to make some extra money for a few months.  This is my well studied passion.

I remember my joy upon gaining acceptance to Northwestern University’s school of communications as it is one of the best in the world for training in this area.  I further honed my writing skills at the acclaimed graduate writing program at UCLA.

Combined with my love for all things internet, I have brought these two passions together to provide you high quality content that readers and search engines both love.

I currently live in a suburb of Los Angeles, California where I spend my time connecting with people, being creative, exploring life and doing a lot of writing.

My Personal Mission:

To positively move hearts and move minds.  To serve people with my writing.

If I can help you, your business, or your readers, I look forward to the opportunity of doing so.

Check out my writing samples here or get in contact with me here.