Give your canvas shoe style a unique pop with Modge Podge!


One of the most overlooked, but spectacular elements of personal style is a customized shoe.  Many style conscious mavens skip shoe customization completely because of the perceptions that exist.  Many people imagine it to be too difficult, or to be prohibitively time consuming.  In reality, there is a powerful and very easy do-it-yourself way to add unique flair to your shoes, and to your entire look!

Here is what you will need to get it done:

1. One jar of water-proof Modge Podge (found in any general supply store).

2. One small foam paintbrush.

3. One roll of brightly colored painter’s tape (the brighter the better!)

4. A pre-cut newspaper page of your favorite comic strip or design image.

5. An old newspaper page, or a paper grocery bag.

6. A small plastic dish.

7. A pair of canvas shoes that you would like to customize.

A. Rip open you brown grocery bag/newspaper sheet, and lay flat on an empty table.  This is now your workspace.  Arrange the jar of waterproof Modge Podge, the foam paintbrush, the plastic dish, and your pre-cut newspaper/comic images.  You will want everything to be within convenient reach.

B. Make sure that your shoes are dry and free of any major holes.  Use your brightly colored painter’s tape to tightly cordon off any areas that you don’t want your images to cover.  This makes it easy for you to see where to brush the Modge Podge, and where not to!  The taping process could take a few minutes, but it will save you a wealth of valuable time in the long run.  Once you have finished taping, set both shoes aside.

C. Open the jar of Modge Podge and pour small, workable amount into to your plastic dish.  Don’t forget to immediately replace the top of the jar, and to screw it on tight!

D. Dip your foam brush into the dish, and cover one side with Modge Podge.  Apply the Modge Podge to the side of the shoe where you want to place your first newspaper cut out.  Take care not to use too much, but you will want to use just enough to allow for secure placement of your newspaper cut out.

E. Decide on your cut out positioning, and once you have settled on the ideal orientation for your design, press it gently onto the moistened portion of your shoe.  If the design cut-out sticks in place, you are in good shape. If not remove it, reapply a bit more Modge Podge adhesive, and try again until it sticks on its own.

F. Dip your foam brush into the dish again, but this time you will want to cover the entire surface of your freshly placed design cut-out.  Feel free to be a bit more generous in application this time.  Don’t worry if your image disappears and becomes white and milky looking.  It may be tough to see your design right now, but don’t worry!  When it dries you will be able to see everything clearly!

G. Repeat the same process for the other side of the shoe, and if desired, for the back spine of the shoe.  Be creative.  This is your chance to really make your style shine!

H. Allow to dry twelve hours.

I. Gently remove the painter’s tape.

That’s it!  You’ve just given yourself a major style upgrade!  Modge Podge customizing is one of the easiest style tips that is big on results.  With a little effort, a little ingenuity, and a little Modge Podge magic, your style can stand uniquely out from the crowd!